“Play games, watch series to counter boredom"

“Play games, watch series to counter boredom"

PSV Campus De Herdgang is closed for at least the next three weeks. Just like everybody else, all PSV players are advised to stay at home as much as possible. One of them is PSV midfielder Pablo Rosario. How does he stay fit? What movies does he watch and what books does he read? In other words, what does everyday life look like for him now that he is staying at home

What do you eat? Who does the cooking?
Rice and chicken, pasta or pancakes. My mother does the cooking.”

What do you do to counter boredom?
“Play games, watch series or movies.”

What Netflix series do you watch? And why should our fans watch them, too?  
“La Casa de Papel, a full-throttle thriller.”

.Which films can you recommend to the fans?
“Hush. Just start watching and you will find out.”

Do you play games? Which ones?  
“NBA, Dragonball Z and Tomb Raider.”

In how far have you improved your levels the past few weeks?
“Ha ha, I just can’t help believing I’ve made huge progress.”

What do you miss most right now?   
“Football, of course.”

What is your favourite Spotify number?   
“I won’t tell.”