Jorrit Hendrix: ‘Enjoy quality time’

Jorrit Hendrix: ‘Enjoy quality time’

Many people work from home these days. What can you do to stay fit? What series should you watch? And what do you miss most now that everyone is advised to practice social distancing? PSV midfielder Jorrit Hendrix may have some answers and suggestions to keep yourself busy during the Coronavirus epidemic.

What do you eat? Who does the cooking in your home?
 “We eat healthy, as usual. I still train every day, so I need the same amount of calories. My girl-friend does the cooking, as always.”

 What do you do to keep yourself occupied?
“With two children, two-and-a-half-years and one year old, there is never a dull moment. We do a lot of things together, try to make the best of it and spend quality time with the family.”

What series do you watch?   
“Mocro Maffia is one of our favourite series and I would certainly like to recommend it to all the fans.”

Which films can you recommend?
“I have no all-time favourite, but I watched all the Harry Potter movies some ago. It was great fun. Eight films; it keeps you occupied for some time.”

What one book would you recommend? 
“I sometimes study a Spanish textbook which I got from our goalkeeping coach Ruud Hesp. I like the language and it helps me to communicate better with team-mates like Érick Gutiérrez.”

Do you play games?
“I like Rummikub, 30 Seconds, Party and Co, just to mention a few. I win most games. I don’t have an Xbox or a PlayStation.”

What do you miss most right now?   
“Football. The weekly game and the practice matches during the training sessions. I miss the carefree days, going out with friends and family without endangering people’s lives.”

What is your favourite Spotify number?   
“We often play Señorita by De Toreador. The children think it’s an awesome track just to go get crazy!”

How do you keep yourself and your family entertained?
“We have two children, a daughter called Leau and a little son called Lennox. We get some fresh air every day, taking a cycling trip through the surrounding area or taking the dogs for a walk. We keep a distance of two metres. My daughter can play Play Doh-clay or we do a jigsaw puzzle. And we have a trampoline in our living room as our roof terrace is being redecorated. And our one-year-old son Lennox is trying to take his first steps, which is fun to watch!”