Dumfries: “I gratefully receive any suggestions”

Dumfries: “I gratefully receive any suggestions”

PSV Campus De Herdgang is closed for some time to come. Just like everybody else, all PSV players are advised to stay at home as much as possible. One of them is PSV right back Denzel Dumfries. How does he stay fit? What movies does he watch and what books does he read? In other words, what does everyday life look like for him now that he is staying at home.

What do you eat? Who does the cooking in your home?
 “I enjoy Surinamese food most of all. I cook for myself every day!”

What do you do to keep yourself occupied?
 “I play PlayStation. FaceTime plays a big role in helping me to keep in touch with friends. And I do my PSV fitness programme.”

What Netflix series do you watch?   
 “Suits and La Casa de Papel. I like Suits. It is not thrilling but I like legal drama and it is nice to see Manhattean’s top corporate lawyers in action. And I like La Casa de Papel a lot. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean, haha.”

Which films can you recommend?

“Well, actually I’m looking for a good movie to watch, so I gratefully receive any suggestions from the fans.”

What one book would you recommend?

“I’m going to read a book about Appie Nouri, which was recently published.”

Do you play games?

“Just FIFA.”

In how far have you improved your levels the past few weeks?

 “Not that much. I just have fun playing with my friends.”

What do you miss most right now?   

“Football is a massive part of my life. I miss the regular life.”

What is your favourite Spotify number?   

“Sheff G - Flows.”