Daniël Schwaab: ‘This is the time to stay together as a family’

Daniël Schwaab: ‘This is the time to stay together as a family’

Many people work from home these days. What can you do to stay fit? What series should you watch? And what do miss most now that everyone is advised to practice social distancing? PSV defender Daniël Schwaab may have the answers.

What do you do to stay healthy?
“We try to stay inside and eat healthy. In the morning, I have muesli and fresh fruit for breakfast. I have fish twice a week and many vegetables, sometimes an avocado and we always have whole wheat bread. My wife is usually the boss in the kitchen and I am the kitchen master of the grill! And I have ginger tea every day, which has health benefits.

How do you keep yourself and your family entertained?
“We spent a lot of time with the children. This is the time to stay together as a family. We do a lot together, but our eldest child has read the first book of the Harry Potter novels in three days. And, at times, I try to make the garden ‘summer proof’.”

Do you watch series?   
“Sure! When you  watch ‘Vikings’, you will notice that we are not doing that badly, even in these confusing, stressful times.”

Which films can you recommend?
“Intouchables. It perfectly shows you that can make the best of a bad situation.”

Do you play games?
“Haha! I like to play football with my kids in the garden!”

What one book would you recommend?
 “Der Ernährungskompass by Bas Kast.  A healthy, balanced diet is an important ingredient in my life as a professional football player. I try to abstain from meat as much as possible and that’s why I started reading this book. It teaches me the importance of eating enough protein. He summarised all the important research findings in “The compass of nutrition”.

What do you miss most right now?   
“The people to fall back on, so my family and friends. I can’t see them every day and I miss them. We can’t have a meal together or have a drink in a nice pub.”

What is your favourite Spotify number?   
“I put the playlist ‘Top of the Morning’ every morning.”