World first: PSV innovates free-kicks with sports tech start-up FreeKickPro®

PSV innovates its free-kicks with FreeKickPro®. FreeKickPro® is a sports tech start-up that has developed an innovative free-kick wall for the professional football market. FreeKickPro® enables players and goalkeepers to train with match-like resistance.

The accompanying FreeKickPro® DATA & ANALYSIS offers insight into free-kick training results with the next match in mind. Offensively for players, and defensively for goalkeepers.

“Free-kicks around the box have become extremely important in professional football. Players have to become skilled by training a lot. They can use the device to take on the challenge of developing themselves. FreeKickPro® is a professional device that simulates what you experience in the match”, says an enthusiastic Ernest Faber.

Antwan Rijkers and Machiel Debets, the founders of FreeKickPro®, are delighted: “PSV is an innovative club that is always trying to make a difference in terms of result. That makes PSV a great club for launching FreeKickPro® globally. The fact that we both have our roots in the Brainport region makes this even more special.”

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