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In this section we provide you with information how to obtain tickets for home matches of PSV.

For most home matches of PSV a PSV Club Card is mandatory in order to obtain tickets. A PSV Club Card is a membership card. One of the reasons for the introduction of the Club Card is to improve the safety within stadiums. Since it is complicated for people from abroad to apply for a PSV Club Card, we have decided to offer them the possibility to attend matches of PSV without this card.

We have a limited number of special packages available for people from abroad for home matches in the Dutch national league, known as the Eredivisie.

Gold package Silver package Bronze package
Ticket category 1 (section *N/P/R) Ticket category 2 (section DD or similar) Ticket category 3 (section GG or similar)
€ 40,- gift voucher PSV FANstore € 30,- gift voucher PSV FANstore € 20,- gift voucher PSV FANstore
Price Eredivisie € 120,00 Price Eredivisie € 90,00 Price Eredivisie € 55,00
Price AZ/Ajax/Feyenoord € 145,00* Price AZ/Ajax/Feyenoord € 115,00* Price AZ/Ajax/Feyenoord € 80,00*
Price Sevilla FC € 145,00* Price Sevilla FC € 115,00* Price Sevilla FC € 80,00*

Prices are including VAT and excluding a reservation fee of € 15,00 per booking.

*For the matches against Feyenoord, Ajax and AZ contains the bronze package a € 40,- voucher instead of € 20,-, the silver package € 50,- instead of € 30,- and the gold package contains a € 60,- PSV FANstore voucher instead of € 40,-.

UEFA Europa League
For the match against Sevilla FC contains the bronze package a € 40,- voucher. The silver package € 50,- and the gold package contains a € 60,- PSV FANstore voucher. Fans from the away team can't order a package for this match. Please contact Sevilla FC for tickets for the visitors section.

Stadium plan
Click here to view the stadium plan.

How to order a package?
If you are interested in buying a package for a particular home match, you can apply for a package reservation by filling in the application form. Please keep in mind that there is only a limited number of packages available. The PSV Ticket Office will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like to view the fixture list, please click here.

All orders must be paid in advance, a payment on the day of the match is not possible. After we have received your application, you will receive an email with the details of your reservation and the payment details. You can pay online through a payment link.

Changes to date and refunds
No guarantees can be given by PSV that a match will take place at a particular time or on a particular date. PSV reserves the right to reschedule a match (whether or not following binding instructions by any governmental or football authority) or to play the match out of view of the public, without notice and without any liability for PSV whatsoever. In the event that a match is rescheduled, your tickets shall remain valid for the alternative date. In the event of abandonment of the match (or if the match has, for any reason, to be played out of view of the public), you shall not be entitled to receive a refund (including any booking and/or administration fee) with regard to your tickets purchased. PSV will have no further, or other, liability whatsoever, including (but not limited to) for any indirect or consequential loss or damage including (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel or accommodation costs.

More information 
If you would like to obtain more information about ticketing, please contact the PSV Ticket Office by e-mail (ticketoffice@psv.nl) or by phone (+31 40 2505 505, press 1). If you would like to visit one of PSV’s away matches, we advise you to contact the home playing club.