#PSVwestandtogether | As PSV fans, we stand together

#PSVwestandtogether | As PSV fans, we stand together

PSV and their Brainport Eindhoven partners have launched an online platform to buck you up in these uncertain times. We will make extra content available in the coming period in order to entertain you but also to inspire you. We will also promote initiatives which will help you to work your way through this crisis. As PSV fans, we stand together!

Online via #PSVwestandtogether  
We will be there for each other through thick and thin in our Metropoolregio Eindhoven and we support each other in good and bad times. Also in these difficult times when people work from home and playing sports together, celebrating a goal or enjoying a cracking game of football are out of the question for the time being. We strongly urge you to stay at home, stay fit and stay involved. PSV and their Brainport Eindhoven partners will help you keep motivated via platform #PSVwestandtogether.

Stay fit
We will do our very best in the coming period to provide informative, relevant and pleasant content to this digital platform. Although Dutch football joins the global sport shutdown, you will find editorial contributions on all our (online) channels, drawn up by PSV and their Brainport partners. PSV players, PSV Women players and physical coaches will help you to stay fit. They will also tell you what they are doing now that they are working from home.

Stay at home
We cannot give away too much right now but we promise we will show you some special moments form PSV’s rich history, preferably in an interactive way. Stay at home and join us! We will present a weekly guide with a schedule of our programmes.

Stay involved
PSV will stimulate actions and initiatives from supporters, companies and other organisations to realise involvement and togetherness. We will get through these tough times when we stand shoulder to shoulder. You will soon be able to come up with initiatives or ask for help.