PSV’s jack-of-all-trades Mauro Júnior is all smiles

PSV’s jack-of-all-trades Mauro Júnior is all smiles

Mauro Júnior scored a magnificent goal to put PSV back into the game. He was all smiles when he spoke to the media after the game, reflecting on the 2-1 victory against Sparta Rotterdam, his goal and the away fans.

“Our fans support us through thick and thin, at home and on the road. They create the twelfth-man effect, which helps us to carry on”, said the Brazilian, while the fans were still chanting his name. “It gives me goosebumps. But it’s not only the fans who support me. I am happy with the help of my teammates and the coaching staff.”

Mauro pulled the trigger in the 60th minute, putting PSV back on level terms. “It was a short corner and when I unleashed the shot, I just knew the ball would sail into the top of the net. ”PSV versatile jack-of-all-trades just smiled when he was asked why he is played in so many different positions. “I love football and don’t care as long as I get a place in the starting XI”, he winked.

A hard-fought win
His equaliser turned the game but PSV recorded a hard-fought win. “It was by no means an easy game for us, but fortunately we fought ourselves back into the game. We put in a poor first-half display so it was our challenge to improve after the break. And that’s what we have done.”