PSV win ECA Award with Brainport Partnership

PSV win ECA Award with Brainport Partnership

The Brainport Partnership has been recognised with the prestigious ECA Corporate Partnership Award. PSV General Manager Toon Gerbrands accepted the award in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon on behalf of PSV and the Premium Partners.

Recognition of our vision
PSV and the Premium Partners receive the award because, according to the ECA,  the club has created a  successful business partnership that has a great added value to both club, sponsor(s) and fans. “We are very proud to be awarded the award in international recognition of our unique partnership”, is also the reaction of Frans Janssen, PSV’s Commercial Director. “Together with our Premium Partners we have the ambition to put the Eindhoven region on the map and increase brand awareness. We share one vision and we know we will achieve our goals more quickly if we cooperate with each other. This prestigious ECA Award confirms we are on the right track.”

Common goal
Under the flag of Brainport Eindhoven, Philips, ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkets, Swinkels Family Brewers, VDL Group as well as PSV have teamed up an innovative partnership which can best be described as an  evolving eco system in which neither PSV nor one company take centre stage. The Brainport Partnership has set itself some higher goals: strengthen the national as well as international reputation of the region, enhance the reputation, help to create a sense of pride and play their part in establishing a healthier, more attractive, innovative and interconnected society.