PSV use DashTag for fun and development

PSV use DashTag for fun and development

This summer, PSV closed a deal with DashTag, a young Dutch company that makes sport data accessible for all football players. Meet the Dash. A tiny wearable sensor which measures real-time data such as speed, distance and heart rate.

PSV are closely involved in the sensor’s development and make the FieldLab and the experienced staff available to optimise the product. On top of that, PSV are eager to provide young PSV FUNdament players with the Dash. It will first be used by the FUNdament players at De Herdgang training facilities before the players of the clubs that cooperate with FUNdament will have a chance to make use of it.

PSV are one of the pioneers in innovation and technology in sport and are keen to play their part. Obviously first of all to enhance the first team’s achievements but also to stimulate youth to have fun while playing the game. “We have seen the introduction of several initiatives and technologies, but as far as sport data is concerned, they are mostly aimed at the professional clubs”, says Luc van Agt, sport physiologist at PSV. “We have never witnessed before such a high degree of accessibility and user interface in which DashTag generates and presents sport data. And our youngest FUNdament youth players like it a lot that they can keep track of their progress and show off to their friends by sharing and comparing results.” Martin de Laat, FUNdament Eindhoven U9 coach, adds: “The moment the players have seen their score, they dash off to their parents to tell them how well they have done!”

The Dash is a crucial part of the online platform, by which the player gets access to his own individual data and statistics that he knows from TV or FiFa16. They can now compare results straightaway for the first time with their heroes, friends or themselves. Each player can see the number of sprints, the total distance covered, the number of touches and the speed of his shot. Using the DashTag will lead to having more fun, which will lead to improving skills and practising a sport for a longer period of time.

PSV FUNdament
Innovation in the field of education is one the key values of the FUNdament programme. This idea, launched by PSV, has three central points: technique (master all basic techniques and pre-tactical elements of PSV’s style of play), education (developing the right mentality, such as stamina, self-reflection and self-discipline) and fun (have fun while playing football and make progress as a player). The training sessions should be efficient and aim at developing the personal growth of the children. The way of training and coaching should first of all lead to the children having a good time. They should also gradually start to realise that working hard is an essential condition to perform well. The players play to win, but the outcome of the match is actually less relevant. The principles of the game are essential because the players feel they are involved. Children are challenged to participate in making their own learning objectives, which will enhance their intrinsic motivation.

Players between 13 and 24 who feel interested in getting involved at an early stage in the development of DashTag and teams that want to practise this in their youth set-up can apply at