PSV has taken action against those involved in Madrid incidents

PSV has taken action against those involved in Madrid incidents

PSV’s General Manager Toon Gerbrands announced on Thursday that the club had a deposition with five persons after which formal sanctions were imposed. Four of them have been given stadium bans varying from 12 up to 36 months. PSV refuses to comment on individual cases.

Seven persons tracked down
PSV has tracked down seven persons in total, six of whom are known to the club. Stadium bans have been given to those who have brought the club’s name and reputation into disrepute. A 36-month ban is the maximum penalty. All the persons involved have accepted their sanction. Investigation turned out about one suspect who seemed not to be directly involved. He will be excluded from our investigation. The review of events brought to light that the impact on the persons concerned has been huge. “Families have been threatened, one suffers from bad health due to stress and one person has lost his job. All of them deeply regret having acted disrespectfully and admitted to have underestimated the impact of their actions. They concede it is very embarrassing they have brought the club’s name into disrepute and fully understand and accept their punishments.”

Stadium bans
PSV have blocked the season tickets for indefinite time and given a stadium ban for indefinite time to the person who is known to the club, but who has not contacted the club yet. The sentence will be valid until he reports himself at the club. PSV is also looking for a man in a grey jersey who has been caught on video humiliating female beggars and forcing them to do push-ups in exchange for money. He has two days left to get in touch with PSV before the club will take immediate action.

Gerbrands: ‘We have done all we could’
As reported before, PSV has been in touch with the Public Prosecutor and both parties have vowed to comply with any request from the Spanish authorities in case they would consider to start legal proceedings. Gerbrands:  “PSV has made it emphatically clear that it disassociates itself from the Madrid incidents, as they are contrary to the moral values and ethical norms that the club adheres to. We feel we have done all we could to track down the culprits and we now want to close the Madrid chapter. We will do our utmost from now on to regain the good reputation in Europe.”