PSV enters partnership with Austin FC

PSV enters partnership with Austin FC

PSV is going to work together intensively with Austin FC. The American professional soccer club, competing in the MLS, has entered a multiyear partnership with PSV. The two clubs will exchange knowledge and expertise to strengthen each other’s position in the world of international football. The collaboration will also have a commercial nature.

Strategic partner
“For PSV, internationalization is an important strategic pillar”, said PSV Commercial Director Frans Janssen. “We aim to enter into a number of strategic partnerships with clubs from areas where we think we can have an impact. Austin FC is a young professional soccer club that has a high potential and a steadily rising fan base, which makes the club an interesting partner for us. Austin FC can open up commercial opportunities in the United States of America for PSV’s entire network.”

Soccer methodologies
Exchanging knowledge in the field of scouting, education, player development is an important priority for the partnership. A 35-man delegation of Austin FC coaches, trainers and policy makers paid a visit to the PSV Academy this summer. And from that time on, several coaches of the club from Texas have put the PSV Coaching Academy program into practice. “We were greatly impressed by the conversations we had with PSV. The PSV structure of education is unique and progressive in the world of football”, says Austin FC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna.  “We look to continuously improve the sporting side of our clubs through new and innovative ways of improving our soccer methodologies. ”

Great similarities
“Soccer in America is growing quickly”, continues the former American international, who has won an incredible 112 caps for his country. “PSV is aware of that and I am sure that the partnership will see similar opportunities for both clubs in future. We can learn a lot from the way PSV has organised its football- and talent development programs. An additional advantage is that the Austin FC and PSV communities have great similarities. Both clubs have firmly rooted themselves in a hard-working community with a family-style character. Moreover Austin, just like the Brainport area, is high-tech oriented.”

Commercial possibilities
The commercial possibilities are being explored and further developed. The partnership with FC Austin offers the PSV Sponsors and Partners opportunities to get a foothold in America, when they look to undertake entrepreneurial activities. The two clubs will explore opportunities to play friendlies in future as part of this venture.

Austin FC, professional soccer club since 2019
Austin FC is the youngest professional soccer club in the south of the United States of America, based in Texas. The club, founded in 2018, has competed in the Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Western Conference since 2021.  It is currently lying in second place in the league. Its home base is the Q2 Stadium in the north of Austin, with a capacity of 20, 500. For more information on Austin FC, please, click on the club’s official website.