Press conference | Van Nistelrooij delighted after KNVB Cup win

Press conference | Van Nistelrooij delighted after KNVB Cup win

PSV head coach Ruud van Nistelrooij hailed his team’s display after they overcame Ajax in a penalty shoot-out to win the KNVB Cup at the Rotterdam Kuip. Meeting the media after the game, he singled out goalkeeper Joël Drommel for praise.

"It was one big party", said Van Nistelrooij at the post-match conference, when asked what he will probably remember best. "I am happy with Joël Drommel’s performance and that’s why he was the first one I wanted to congratulate. I believe in him as a professional, player and person. It was a very special moment when he saved that penalty.”

Fábio Silva, who struck the winning penalty, was another player who stole the spotlights. “It was a great finish. It was very important for us to lift the trophy. I know what it means to lose a Cup final. You only get a few chances to win a prize and therefore the pressure is huge. But when the players are eighty, they will still talk about this. They will remember it for the rest of their lives.”

Penalty shoot-out
"We practised penalties in training a lot ”, said Van Nistelrooij. “But it is tough to replicate the atmosphere of a packed stadium. But we have won the Cup and nobody can take this away from us”, concluded Van Nistelrooij.