Philips and PSV extend sponsorship

Philips and PSV extend sponsorship

Philips and PSV extend sponsorship contract for 10 years and make innovation their primary focus.

Innovation and you
Philips and PSV are today extending the longest sponsorship relationship in the Netherlands, making Philips the largest co-sponsor of an Eredivisie football club. This contract means that the name ‘Philips Stadium’ is now fixed for the next 10 years. A comprehensive sponsorship contract has also been signed for the next five years. And starting in the 2016-17 season, for a period of 10 years, the text PSV founded by Philips will be shown on the sleeves of the players’ football shirts. Both parties’ intention is to use the partnership to focus on innovation, since this matches PSV’s sporting ambitions as well as Philips’ brand positioning of ‘Innovation and you’. The agreement between Philips and PSV represents the next five years, a value of 3 million euro per year.

Reaction Hans de Jong, CEO Philips
Hans de Jong (CEO Philips Benelux) had this to say: “Philips is proud of its long and successful partnership with PSV. The company has and will continue to have close involvement with ‘our club’ and in the next few years we will be focusing on substantive collaboration and joint innovations, thereby creating value for each other. Here at Philips we are concentrating on the impact that our innovations have on people’s lives. An illustration of this is the LED floodlighting that has just been completed in the Philips Stadium, making this stadium a worldwide showcase for us. We also see opportunities for showcasing health-related innovations in conjunction with PSV.”

Reaction Toon Gerbrands, PSV
PSV General Manager Toon Gerbrands is also pleased with the new agreements. “Because of their history, Philips and PSV are inextricably bound together. Over the next few years this new agreement will enable PSV to show structural improvement in commercial terms. PSV has high sporting ambitions, and having partners who provide us with the latest technology to help us to constantly improve our performances is a very important factor in this. Philips understands better than anyone that we are looking for innovations that will improve us as a football club. Football is paramount for us. We welcome any application that will enable us to improve the top-sport climate.”

The partnership between Philips and PSV goes back 102 years and is unique in both the Netherlands and Europe. Philips employees founded the club in 1913 and the company has always been closely involved with PSV’s activities. For Philips this new contract represents confirmation of this involvement.