Davy Pröpper retires from football

Davy Pröpper retires from football

Davy Pröpper has announced his retirement from football. The 30-year-old midfielder had one-and-a-half years left on his contract with PSV, which has been terminated by mutual agreement. “I made the final decision to call time on my playing career before Christmas and it feels like a relief. That’s why I know I’ve made the right choice.”

Davy Pröpper returned to PSV last summer after spending four years in England with Brighton. “When I was abroad, I gradually lost the love for the game. It was difficult for me to observe the discipline needed to perform at my best and have my life ruled by a hectic football schedule. And the coronavirus crisis and the lack of visits from relatives and friends haven’t done me any good, either.’

The midfielder was consequently happy to be given an opportunity to ply his trade with PSV in the Netherlands again. “I’m grateful the club has made me feel welcome. I had hoped to rediscover the joy in playing football but it was not to be, as I don’t feel comfortable in the world of football. I don’t want to be part of it any longer.”

The 30-year-old will carefully consider his future in the next eighteen months. “I will take time to discover what my interests are and what I will take up. Of course I had my fair share of beautiful moments which I will cherish. We will see whether I will miss football but I’m ready to focus on new things. I want to thank my family, relatives and friends for all the support they’ve given me. Now the time has come to invest in them.”

John de Jong, PSV Director of Football, regrets Davy Pröpper’s decision. “We had obviously hoped Davy would play his part in achieving successes with PSV, but I appreciate his honesty, to himself and to the club. PSV are grateful for what he has done for the club in all those years, and for winning the Eredivisie title with PSV in 2016.”