Cocu critical despite KNVB Beker win

Cocu critical despite KNVB Beker win

Head coach Phillip Cocu was by no means satisfied with his side’s performance after their win over Cambuur. “The difference between our good moments and the bad ones is too big. That’s got to change. If we want to challenge for top honours, we will have to improve that aspect of our game.”

Reaction Phillip Cocu
“I cannot really be happy with this win,” reflected Cocu on the 3-2 victory. “We reached our goal, we did progress to the next round. You grab a 2-0 lead, but then they get back in the game, level the scoring and even get a chance to go 3-2 up. That should not be possible. Particularly after the game in Almelo. We then stepped it up a notch again and eventually got the win. I am pleased that we are through to the next round, but not satisfied with our performance.” Cocu was forced to take off Locadia early in the second half. “Jürgen had some problems with his groin. We tested him at half-time and decided that it was better not to keep him on for too long. We did not want to take any risks with his health.”

Reaction Henk de Jong
“In hindsight, we could have done better here,” commented De Jong on his side’s loss. “It’s a game in midweek in between two league games and that gives you a small chance. But we are not going through a good moment ourselves, so we knew it would be a tough game for both sides. We really struggled with their crosses from the wings before the break, yet we also created some decent chances ourselves. But we did not do enough with it. We improved after the interval. In the end, PSV’s penalty was the right call from the referee. We would probably have collapsed had the game gone to extra time. We deservedly crashed out I think and I wish Phillip Cocu and PSV the best of luck.”