Contacts with the press

PSV attach great value to having contacts with and building up a good professional working relationship with media representatives. PSV Press is the point of contact for all media representatives and all internal and external PSV-related communication.

Communications Department
PSV Media Manager Sanne Clements is the person in charge of press contacts concerning PSV's senior side and other teams and all the other media contacts of the organisation. She is assisted by Suzanne Bertens, who understand what is needed to meet demands set by the media. PSV Media always welcome tips and suggestions concerning press facilities and co-operation.

Requests for interviews
All requests to interview players, coaches, directors, board members and officials may be submitted by e-mail to PSV Press Office. PSV will address all requests. The same procedure applies to interviews with PSV ́s Youth Academy players, coaches and officials at the De Herdgang training facilities.

Meetings with the press
PSV organises special meetings for the press when the club wants to supply important information to all media representatives in one session. These meetings will be announced by a press release or an invitation to all media representatives that are registered with us. If you would like to register with us, please send an e-mail to the Press Office. PSV also organises a media briefing one working day ahead of every match. The Head Coach or one of his assistants and media representatives are given an opportunity to exchange ideas about the latest developments regarding the First Team. Journalists and football writers as well as audio visual media representatives are welcome to attend this meeting that is conducted at the De Herdgang  training facilities. Ahead of all European matches, this meeting with the press takes place after the final training session at the Philips Stadium. The Press Office can provide you with topical information.