Press accreditations

Every media representative who wishes to attend a PSV match in the Philips Stadium must have a PSV Press Card. This PSV Press Card must be applied for at the Media Office by e-mail, two working days prior to the match at the latest. The request for accreditation must include the following information:

  • Names and functions of the media representatives applying for a press card
  • NSP or international AIPS registration number
  • The applicant’s contact telephone number
  • Reason for application

For European matches it is possible to ask the NSP for an accreditation. PSV will decide which requests for accreditation will be granted. PSV Season Club holders must also hand in a request for accreditation. PSV and NSP will give information on matches where the accreditation procedures come into force.

When people contravene the general PSV regulations, PSV reserve the right to deny media representatives access to the Philips Stadium or take other measures. In all cases the NSP (the Dutch Sports Press) and the head of the editorial department of the medium will be notified. The PSV Press Card for Dutch league matches can be collected at the Media Desk - entrance 9 of the Philips Stadium from two and a half hours before the match, on presentation of the NSP card and the e-mail/fax confirmation.

The following Press cards are available for all matches at the Philips Stadium:

  • Press Conference Room card: This solely allows access to the Press Centre
  • Press Stand card: This allows free access to the Press Conference Room and the Press Box (on the fifth floor, section CD)
  • Mixed Zone card: This allows free access to the Mixed Zone
  • Press card for photographers and television crews: This allows photographers and television crews access to the Press Conference Room, the Mixed Zone and the pitch, where they are to take their place behind the goals or at the penalty area line.

After having applied for an accreditation, a photographer must report at the Media Desk - entrance 9 of the Philips Stadium, where a press card and photo bib will be ready. A photographer is obliged to wear the photo bib in the stadium. He is requested to hand in the bib after the match at the Press Conference Room. Photographers are allowed access during a match - outside of the pitch - behind the goals or at the penalty area line, on the side where there is no assistant referee. The benches placed behind the goals are also meant for photographers. There is an opportunity to take pictures in the dug-out area before the match kicks off. It is strictly forbidden to enter the pitch. PSV are entitled to enforce sanctions.