PSV organisation

The Eindhoven football club PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging) was founded on 31 August 1913. At first only amateurs and youth players joined the club, but when professional football was introduced in the Netherlands in 1954, a professional football section was duly added. As the financial interests of professional football increased, the PSV Football Foundation was established in 1984. Professional football and the accompanying assets were classed in this foundation under the responsibility of a Foundation Board. All professional football and youth activities have been placed with PSV N.V. 1 July 1999 and PSV participates as shareholder in this public limited company.

The Board of PSV N.V.
CEO Mr M.W. (Marcel) Brands is in charge of the day-to-day management of PSV N.V. The other members of the board are Director of Finance Mr J. (Jaap) van Baar, Commercial affairs Mr. F. (Frans) Janssen and Director of Football Affairs Mr. E.L. (Earnest) Stewart.

Supervisory Board PSV N.V.
The Supervisory Board members play an advisory and supervisory role within PSV. The Supervisory Board consists of:

Mr. H.W.M. (Robert) van der Wallen – former chairman of the board of BrandLoyalty International (Chairman)
Mr. P. (Verhagen) - CFO & Member of the Board at ASM
Ms. I.C.D.Y.M. (Ingrid) Wolf-De Jonge, president Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Mr. F. (Frank) Arnesen, former PSV-player and Danish international
Mr. K. (Klaas) Dijkhoff, entrepreneur.

PSV Football Foundation
The PSV Football Foundation administers the shares of PSV N.V., with the exception of one very special share ( a ‘golden share’ ) owned by the Eindhoven Football club PSV. The members of the PSV Football Foundation are:

Mr. E. (Eric) van Schagen (Chairman)
Mr. W. (Willem) van der Leegte
Mrs. C. (Carolien) Angevaren
Mr. J. (Jan) Mengelers
Mr. H.J.G. (Harry) Hendriks

The Eindhoven Football club PSV
Chairman and secretary of the Eindhoven Football club PSV, founded in 1913, is Mr. R.W.J.P.M. (Ron) Verkerk. Mr B. (Bart) Hunnekens is treasurer. Mr. O. (Onno) van Nielen is chairman of the PSV Youth Committee, while Mr. K. (Kees) Raaijmakers is the chairman of the amateur section. They are the board members of PSV. Beside the first-team squad and PSV U21, ten more PSV teams compete in the 2016/17 season: PSV U19, PSV U17, PSV U16, PSV U15, PSV U14, PSV U13, PSV U12, PSV U11, PSV U10 and PSV U9.