Press conference | 'I enjoy this group, we really are a team'

Press conference | 'I enjoy this group, we really are a team'
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The season opener against Excelsior Rotterdam not only yielded three points, but also several records. The best ever season start in the Eredivisie was matched and Luuk de Jong claimed a spot among the league's best all-time goal scorers.

The bad news first: in the last 15 minutes, PSV somewhat sagged through the ice, argue Head Coach Peter Bosz and Luuk de Jong. "You go home with that feeling then, but we shouldn't forget that we also did a lot of things right," Bosz says, naming the sore points: "We were no longer on top and we were no longer chasing. Normally we do and that's exactly what makes us so good."

Fifteen minutes should not set the mood, Luuk also knows. The striker made a hat-trick and thus joined an illustrious list. "I already find it special now, but I think I will appreciate it especially after my career. I'm working on tangible proof now." The striker has words of praise for the collective that has now won seventeen league games in a row: "I enjoy this group. From the young guys who get better every day to the substitutes who always have an impact and the staff with whom we work well together. I've never experienced this with any group before. We really are a team."

For his part, Bosz has fine words for the striker: "In modern football, this is incredibly unique. He is moving among legends. That says enough." The Head Coach is now preparing for the midweek Cup match against FC Twente: "Every victory gets the rest more motivated to beat us. We have to stay sharp."