News | PSV puts signature on improved PSV Women's collective bargaining agreement

News | PSV puts signature on improved PSV Women's collective bargaining agreement
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PSV Women will have a new collective bargaining agreement. The current collective bargaining agreement, which was created in 2020, will be extended until the summer of 2026. Manager Women's Football Sandra Doreleijers sees it as the next step in an ongoing professionalization process.

The new collective bargaining agreement was signed by PSV, ProProf and VVCS and contains minimum conditions on salary, vacation days and continued payment during long-term injuries or unforeseen absences, among other things. These broadly correspond to the conditions male players have at PSV. Director of Football Affairs Earnest Stewart put his signature to the document. Since his appointment, the women's side has been included in his portfolio.

PSV leads the way
"We want to facilitate our players as much as possible on and off the field. With the new collective bargaining agreement, the conditions for all contract players improve. In addition, from 2024 all player contracts will be concluded at full professional level," Doreleijers says. Ideally, the Women's Football Manager would like to see an agreement for all clubs in the Women's Eredivisie, but it is not yet that far: "PSV, together with a number of other clubs, is leading the way in this. It is a sign that women's football has taken a good place within the organization."

Next generation
Outside player Zera Hulswit attended the signing ceremony on behalf of the selection. "It's a very great day for us and women's football. This is important not only for the current selection, but also for the generations of talent to come."