Interview | Hendriks in semifinals facing old club: 'Know how it lives'

Interview | Hendriks in semifinals facing old club: 'Know how it lives'
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Gwyneth Hendriks Made the switch from ADO Den Haag to PSV Women in the summer. Now she will take on her old club and friend in the semi-final of the cup. The 22-year-old captain looks ahead to the encounter with mixed feelings.

You've been with PSV for almost a season now, how have you liked it so far?
"Sincerely very good. I also live in Eindhoven these days and have quickly settled in. I'm rotating nicely with the team and am also currently the captain. It shows that they believe in me and that gives confidence."

How special is the semifinal for you?
"I'm really looking forward to it and would be lying if I said it doesn't do anything for me. It's the first time I've played there since I left. I still have a fondness for ADO Den Haag and the people behind it and of course I still know a number of players."

One of those players is your girlfriend, Pleun Raaijmakers. How is that for you guys?
"The advantage is that one of us is in the final anyway. Only of course it gives a double feeling when you have to eliminate each other. I'm glad we won't meet in the final. That would have been extra painful. On the field we won't meet much because we both play in defense."

"We are proud of them because they really deserved it. To knock out two Eredivisionists as a Young team is no mean feat."

Do you also get a sense through Pleun of how things are going there?
"Yes, I get it from both sides. Two years ago, when I was still playing for ADO, we lost to PSV in the final. Last year's game with PSV also marked the end of the cup adventure. They are eager for revenge. At the same time it is also very much alive with us. We want to reach the final, of course."

Now there's a chance you'll take on Psv U21 Women in the final.
"Yes that is very crazy! We are proud of them, because they really deserved it. To eliminate two Eredivisionists as a Jong team, that's not nothing. Against FC Twente they will have a harder time, but it remains cup football. You never know what will happen."

Is the date of the final already in your calendar?
"I don't want to think about that yet. First we have to win the semifinals!"