October 31, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    PSV played Saturday in the eighth finals of the cup competition in Helmond against the O17 of VVV / Helmond Sport, and ended up paying a high price for the 1-2 win that was achieved. After a fine 1st half, the team called a turbulent final phase in the 2nd half in which the win was almost given away and 2 players were sent off the field with a red card.

    PSV started well against VVV/HS O17, which incidentally consisted entirely of O16 players. After about 15 minutes of play the advantage was translated into the score, when a corner by Davy from the right ended up at the 2nd post where Rico was ready to work the ball in. Although he himself did not know how or with what, the ball was in the net and the deserved 0-1 was a fact. PSV then controlled the entire first half, defensively never got into trouble and actually failed to decide the game by then, for which they had several opportunities. For example, in the 18th minute Arne got to the goal but shot against the goalkeeper, and Rico was again dangerous at a corner but his header landed on the roof of the goal. Sekou had the biggest chance for a goal in the 24th minute, however, when one of the central defenders choked on a curious pass back out from a fellow player, after which Sekou snatched the ball from him and was able to head at full speed alone toward the goalkeeper. However, his choice to choose a corner was foiled by the keeper with a good save, leaving the halftime score at the too meager 0-1.

    Although VVV/HS had the first chance in the second half - after a free kick was shot into the wall, the hard shot rebound was cleared out of the goal with a fine save by Lucas - PSV started well after the break. Shortly after Lucas' save, his fellow goalkeeper at the other end completely missed a kick, a mistake PSV resolutely punished in a quick conversion. The mistrap landed halfway down the VVV/HS half of the play in the feet of Sekou, who immediately thought ahead and went at speed towards the penalty area. With a great ball (kicked from the right in front of the goal with the left) Sekou then put Yasin, who ran in to the 2nd post, controlled the ball and shot it into the top right corner, 0-2.

    Where it would have been logical for the game to be played in a controlled manner to the final signal and bring the lead over the finish line, PSV then lost any control over the game. True, PSV was denied a penalty kick when Sem was gaudily held in the penalty area in the 63rd minute, and the game would have been decided at 0-3, but at 0-2 it was just as true, and yet PSV failed to keep calm in the game and in the team. Indeed, although that was the last thing PSV could use with a lead in their pocket, it caused the flame to flare up all by itself. After the referee punished a tackle by Yasin for excessive effort with red, a riot ensued in which then Sekou was also sent off the field for kicking and, according to the referee, making a slapping motion. With 9 players against an opponent that smelled blood, a final phase followed in which PSV barely managed to stay upright. Although VVV / HS became dangerous several times, they had to wait until injury time for a goal. The same Sem who earlier did not receive a penalty was whistled off in his own penalty area for some flashy pushing and pulling. VVV/HS used the awarded penalty kick to make the final score 1-2.

    PSV plays next Saturday's league match against Roda JC.

    Lucas Derks; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld © - Abou Kone - Gregory Kuisch ('58 Bryan van Hove); Arne Bens - Koen Oostenbrink ('61 Sem van den Broek) - Davy van den Berg; Sekou Sidibe - Joop Daniëls ('64 Evert Linthorst) - Yasin Aallilou.

    On the bench not substituted: Kyan van Dorp;
    Red: Yasin Aallilou, Sekou Sidibe;
    Yellow: Davy van den Berg.