October 31, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After a few practice games, against Cambuur and Vitesse, and a week's vacation then today another league game. The Boys did not train this week, but only played an exercise match on Thursday against Vitesse U 13, which they won 2-1. So let's see how the boys survived the vacation. We know that Willem II always comes to Eindhoven with a 100% focus on the result. It is and remains a derby after all. This is clearly visible from minute one, Willem II starts fiercely, and will certainly not let PSV play. PSV will have to find something on this and go along with the battle. Because the game is played fiercely and they don't give each other any space, the game mainly takes place in midfield and neither team creates any big chances. Ruben passes once with a nice move but then holds back. I don't think he knows how fast he is, because once he passes there are few who can keep up with him. In the 22nd minute it is Mylian who sees space on the sideline, he puts the ball perfectly in the free space, where Martijn runs in well and can fully run through to the goal of Willem II. Martijn managed to shoot the ball low past the goalkeeper 1-0. After this goal PSV became a bit stronger but did not create any big chances. They did not get further than a few distance shots. So with a 1-0 lead both teams went to rest.
    The second half actually shows the same picture as the first half, a dominating PSV, a Willem II that is short on time, PSV does not get the chance to play football, and the times that they do succeed it is only up to the 16 meter and not further. PSV can be the better team, but there is always the danger that Willem II scores with one outburst, which would not be deserved, but well, everyone knows what the football law says if you do not score? So a great battle with small chances for PSV, but in the last minutes also a dangerous rising Willem II trying to take that first point to Tilburg. But luckily the final signal sounds and the 3 points stay in Eindhoven.
    From next week PSV U 13 can see where they really stand, then successively NEC, Feyenoord and Sparta are the opponents, or nos. 1-3 and 4 of the league. And PSV as 2. And then within PSV everyone can talk about training is the most important thing, but also dealing with this pressure is a process in the training of a top athlete in my opinion, and it is still a wonderful feeling to be able to play football with this pressure.

    Photos by Ben Schut