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  1. Match report

    Because last weekend's away game against Ajax was cancelled, only the second game in the champions' pool was now scheduled. A pool where the numbers 1 to 4 of the Northern and Southern competition qualified before the winter break. It was a coincidence that we now faced two opponents with whom we also crossed swords in a league match before the winter break.

    Two weeks ago, PSV won against Willem II (3-0). While we lost to them in the qualifying rounds. The team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo managed to win from Feyenoord in September (0-2 in Rotterdam). With a win this weekend, PSV would put Feyenoord on 6 points. For the Rotterdam team lost narrowly (and undeservedly apparently) to Ajax (2-3) in the first round.

    The under-15 started the clash with Feyenoord strongly. In the first quarter of an hour, it could and should have already taken a large lead. After three minutes it already got its first opportunity. Bryan van Hove sent Joop Daniels into the deep who almost managed to get around the outrun keeper. With emphasis on almost.....

    A few minutes later, Abou Kone sent right-winger Sekou Sidibe into the depths. His cross almost ended up with striker Yasin Aalillou but he could not initially create any danger. The attack continued and Yasin was able to cross well after which the ball ended up in front of Davy van den Berg's right leg. Unfortunately not his best. His effort did not go on or into the goal, but ended up with Sekou who unfortunately slid the ball past.

    Moments later Sekou also had his sights set low as he again kicked the ball just wide.

    Feyenoord had attempted just one goal up to that point. But after a quarter of an hour the visitors took full advantage of PSV losing the ball near the halfway line. The lead was 0-1 against the odds.

    PSV soon had another chance to equalize. But they were unlucky that the goalkeeper had a good eye for a ball from behind his foot from Yasin.

    PSV lost momentum and Feyenoord found room to play. This led to some shots on goal that were easily defused by goalkeeper Lucas Derks.

    In the latter part of the first half, PSV clearly regained the initiative. Yasin almost successfully extended a cross from Sekou. And after Evert Linthorst sent Yasin away with a fine effort, the latter hit the Rotterdam goalkeeper. The rebound was for Sekou, but again he headed past the wrong side of the post.

    Two minutes before half time, PSV deservedly came alongside. A magnificent long pass from Tijn Daverveld to striker Yasin was perfectly tailored. With a Feyenoord player at his back, he sprinted towards the Rotterdam goal. The defender did not dare to foul at the risk of being sent off with a red card and could not make it difficult for Yasin to put the equalizer on the scoreboard.

    With a 1-1 score, both teams went to the locker rooms. Lesson from part one: PSV were not efficient with their chances and Feyenoord were.

    In the second half, the game was more balanced. But again, the better chances were for the home side. Just after half time Sekou missed a free shooting opportunity inside the 16 after good preparatory work by substitute Joep Hakkens. In the counter attack PSV got away well when Lucas wanted to kick a deep ball but slipped. His half kick ended up with a Feyenoord player who tried to score from distance. Lucas recovered quickly and picked the ball out from under the crossbar.

    In the 48th minute Sekou seemed to be on his way to the 2-1 lead. The referee blew the whistle too soon while Sekou was "through". He immediately saw his mistake and apologized. But well, that won't win you anything. The awarded free kick produced danger, but no goal.

    With fifteen minutes left to play, it was again the home team that was close to a lead. First Sekou fired a hard shot just wide and a bit later he was (unjustly) flagged offside when Davy put him free in front of the goal.

    Just before time, PSV finally got their reward. Good passing by Yasin brought him into the penalty area. A Feyenoord player tapped him in and the referee rightly pointed to the penalty spot. Captain Abou Kone got behind the ball and scored in a controlled manner. Although the goalkeeper dived for the right corner, he had no chance on Abou's kick.

    Three points in the pocket you would say.....but unfortunately that did not hold true today. Deep into injury time, a PSV player on the edge of the penalty area committed a stupid foul by slightly running into an opponent's back. The ensuing free kick was shot in from close range. The organization at the back did not seem optimal with this goal.

    Thus PSV lost two points in a game that was in PSV's favor in the first half. And in which the second half was slightly more balanced. The best chances were for the home team over the whole match and so it was very sour that it gave away the victory in the "dying seconds".

    Next week away from Utrecht. The important thing is to get the three points there to stay on top.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch, Abou Kone (c), Tijn Daverveld, Bryan van Hove; Evert Linthorst (61' Vincent Colpaert), Koen Oostenbrink (36' Joep Hakkens), Davy van den Berg; Sekou Sidibe, Yasin Aalillou, Joop Daniels (55' Sem van den Broek).