Nov. 30, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Elvic Jager
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  2. Match report

    Hat-trick Jager provides three points

    PSV O14 had to play an important match for survival at Vitesse on Saturday. After ninety minutes it was PSV that could take the three points to Eindhoven. The team was lord and master in Arnhem and with Elvic Jager as goal scorer in the team with three goals, it was easier to play football for the rest and they could easily keep the zero,

    PSV was lord and master of the match. They had full pressure on the ball and certainly did not let Vitesse play their beloved positional game. Of course, PSV had more physical strength with Elvic Jager, who had been brought back from the O15. In the 11th minute it was Eus Waayers who played the ball well to Elvic, who turned free cleverly and lashed out. Not really well hit, but enough to let the ball roll in. For the rest, PSV was the better team, but handled the opportunities poorly in the final stages. But the lead was deserved.

    In thesecond half, perhaps an even better PSV. In the 47th minute it is again a slide from Elvic. This time he hit it well and it went in perfectly, 0-2. A few minutes later it was Onesime Zimuangana who turned free and shot at the crossbar. Elvic also got a great chance, but now the goalkeeper saved well. In the 59th minute, Elvic rounds off a fine solo with a deserved slide. 0-3. A few minutes before time, Bawuah got another great chance, but again the goalkeeper saved well.

    So a deserved victory and PSV is almost cleared for retention in the top league.

    Line-up PSV:
    Van de Brande, Jansen, Bos, Kuhn, Van de Riet; Vergeldt (66/Oesterholt), Gomes (61/Quispel), Verkooijen (55/Bawuah); Jager (66/Etienne), Zimuangana (66/Van Duiven), Waayers (Oesterholt)

    Next week the O14 will play friendly against Excelsior, this match will be played on the fields of Tongelre.