Nov. 30, 1 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Tyron Perret Gentil
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  2. Goal

    Iggy Houben
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  3. Goal

    Ruben van Bommel
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  4. Match report

    Hangover for O16

    PSV got off to an excellent start Saturday in their mutual clash with FC Twente, who are battling for a place in the Champions League in the second half of the season. After a game that, like the earlier home match, had an extreme scoring sequence in which PSV managed to come back from a deficit twice, it was the home team that eventually managed to pull the 4-3 tie across the line and take the precious points. All that remained for PSV was a long, hungover bus ride back to Eindhoven.

    PSV could be blamed for the loss in that they created a number of excellent chances, especially in the second phase of the first half, but they were not taken advantage of. By then Iggy had already shot at the post and PSV had already taken an early lead in the 12th minute through a goal by Tyron, who took good advantage of messy Twente defending and shot the 0-1 from close range. The same Tyron had the 0-2 to go five minutes later after good preparatory work by Ruben, and Iggy saw a fine shot after an individual 'Robben' action denied by the goalkeeper. PSV let the chance to put Twente further away slip away, however, and instead ran into a goal. In the 29th minute, Twente, which had been unable to create any real danger before, suddenly found itself free in front of Niek after poor defending by PSV, with the angle wide open, 1-1. Less than five minutes later Twente even increased the lead to 2-1 after a good attack on the left side of PSV, which was effectively completed.

    PSV equalized soon after halftime through a goal by Iggy, who fired the ball in on the rebound after a save by the goalkeeper, 2-2. PSV then came back from a deficit once again. After the ball was "chipped" over PSV's defense, Ruben, on a pass from Jason, again shot the teams to equalize, 3-3. In the end Twente drew the longest straw by taking advantage of unfortunate defending by Niek after which the ball was lobbed in. Final score 4-3.

    Despite the hangover, nothing is lost yet for PSV. If the match against FC Twente is recorded and factored into the standings, there are still two games on the schedule in which placement for the champions league can still be enforced. PSV plays next Saturday at 12:30 at home against PEC Zwolle. Staff and players wish Tyron, who suffered a serious ankle injury against FC Twente, all the best and a speedy recovery!

    Niek Schiks; Koen Jansen, Luc Netten (69/Shi-jon Martina), Yaël Gil y Muinos, Julian Kuijpers; Lars Putters, Chahid el Allachi © (/69/Sven Simons), Jamal Gonzaga (62/Tijmen Niekel); Iggy Houben, Tyron Perret Gentil (47/Jason van Duiven), Ruben van Bommel (51/Jaivy Lourens).