Nov. 30, 1 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Mohamed Nassoh
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  2. Goal

    Jenson Seelt
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  3. Goal

    Dylan Hopman
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  4. Goal

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  5. Goal

    Mylian Jimenez
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  6. Goal

    Johan Bakayoko
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  7. Match report

    PSV O17 wins goal-fest in The Hague

    PSV O17 effortlessly won the away match at ADO. After a good first half, Adil Ramzi's team slumped a bit in the second half, but the victory was not in danger for a second.

    After an exploratory start, PSV managed to create the best chances. This resulted in the opening goal by Mohamed Nassoh in the 23rd minute. He brilliantly took the long ball played by Jenson Seelt and rounded off easily. Barely five minutes later the referee was able to point to the middle again. This time it was Jenson himself who scored: a header from a cross by captain Mylian Jiminez. Before halftime it also became 0-3 and 0-4. The 0-3 came from a combination between Dylan Hopman and Livano Comenencia, with the former scoring. The fourth goal came in the name of Milan van de Riet, who effortlessly unwrapped the referee's early St. Nicholas present. From the penalty spot he shot well in.

    After halftime, the picture changed. PSV thought they already had the victory and therefore forgot to play football, which seemed to bring ADO back into the game. In the 70th minute it was 2-4 after two goals by the Hagenezen. Fortunately, the Eindhoveners caught on in time. Mylian Jiminez made it 2-5 with a crisp free kick and Johan Bakayoko made it 2-6 and 2-7 with two goals, on Ilyas Bougafer and Mohamed Nassoh. That ADO still came back to 3-7 after a swerving distance shot was just for statistics.

    An afternoon in The Hague with two faces. The first half offers enough perspective to finish the first half of the season in a good way in the coming weeks. Next week the team receives PEC Zwolle, starting at 14.00 hours at De Herdgang, the week after that frontrunner Feyenoord awaits in Rotterdam. That promises to be a nice December month.

    Finally, a word from the Saint:

    Saturday afternoon against oh-oh-ADO
    There PSV got it one half as a gift

    Good football and focus, ensured success

    So it can be said: PSV was on point

    How different that was early in the second half
    The players seemed totally counted out

    Convenience and laziness it seemed like nothing

    So they almost got beaten there anyway

    Fortunately, PSV was back on in time
    Otherwise they would have gone onto the bus grumpy

    With a good fifteen minutes left on the clock

    Had it ended nicely with that slow jogging

    3-7 the final score, that's really not wrong
    Surely it made beautiful football history there

    They did not score more goals this season

    In one game, according to the goal scorer

    The December month is about to begin
    Then it's about more than just winning

    PSV under 17 wishes you happy days ahead

    Enjoy the beauty without all those football results

    Aron van Lare; D'Leanu Arts, Jenson Seelt, Fedde Leysen, Nawaaz Landfeld (46/Jesse Giebels); Livano Comenencia, Mylian Jiminez, Dylan Hopman (48/Naïm Matoug); Johan Bakayoko, Milan van de Riet (77/Ilyas Bougafer), Mohamed Nassoh.