April 30, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today a match between 2 middle runners-up in the U13 competition, JVOZ showed from the kick-off that they had come to Eindhoven for the 3 points. They immediately went on the attack and were the better team for the first 10 minutes, but in the 9th minute PSV took the lead. A corner by Mylian turns nicely towards the 2nd post, which is also the place where Jesse comes running in, it is now impossible for him to miss this chance, so he slides the ball in with a controlled effort and against the odds it is 1-0. Encouraged by the lead, PSV starts to play a little better, although the boys are still not convincing, the battle is mainly in the midfield and there are no big chances for either team, although JVOZ comes dangerous in front of the goal once but the player slides the ball just past. In the 23 minute at a free kick by JVOZ the ball hit the bar and via the back of a player the ball just over the line so a valid goal. Given the game a justified 1-1. This is also the score at halftime.

    After the break it was PSV that showed more of themselves, although JVOZ kept resisting with long balls. Dylan tries with a shot from about 25 meters but lacks precision. In the 39 minute it is obvious to everyone that it is a handsball in the 16 meters but the referee sees no penalty in it from a great distance. PSV starts to put more and more pressure to score, but as often this season the ball does not want to go in and lacks the necessary luck. In the 58 minute Mo is floored in the 16 meters and gets a penalty, he is going to take it himself, and a saying goes that the floored player should never take the pingel himself. The poorly taken penalty hit the goalkeeper's legs and didn't go in, so the scoreboard was still full of glasses. All in all a mediocre game for the boys of PSV U13 which might have been a little better if luck had been on their side for once. But luck is not with these boys this year, but then again you have to force it. The next game is next Tuesday afternoon against Sparta. Sparta is already champion. So here the boys can show what they are worth and give everything.