Aug. 29, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    We were confident about the start of the new season against FC Twente, we had three games in our legs: Milwall O18 and Anderlecht O17 and the cup game against Ajax O17.The first half FC Twente left the initiative to PSV, we clearly had the upper hand in which we were rather sloppy with ball possession.But there were still chances to score 1 even in the first minute but we hit the goalkeeper.The second half we started well we looked more for the free man on the sides. FC Twente was therefore more forced to play on their own half, in the 62nd minute Cody just got the ball with the tip of his shoe to score 0-1. FC Twente then started to play more with the long ball, so that we could no longer make the game. This made us sloppy in ball possession but FC Twente could not make a fist to force the 1-1. So in the end it remained a 1-0 win for PSV.
    Something completely different: after 3 years of waiting Bertalan Kun made his official debut for PSV.

    Gaetan Bosiers - Leandro Fernandes - Cody Gakpo -79 min Lars Dickens - Bertalan Kun - Arne Lekens - Justin Lonwijk - Armando Obispo -60 min Robin Schoonbrood - Joel Piroe - Youri Roulaux