Feb. 29, 10:30 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Gino Verhulst
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  2. Goal

    Pieter van der Beek
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  3. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 wins league topper at AZ

    In a windy Wijdewormer, PSV recorded another victory. Visiting leader AZ, the team triumphed by no less than 1-4, with which PSV passes the Alkmaarers in the rankings.

    Despite starting with a headwind, the Eindhoven side quickly took the lead. A Sami Bouhoudane cross was just right for Gino Verhulst, which beat the goalkeeper and shot in from an awkward angle. PSV could not enjoy the lead for long, however, because two minutes later AZ equalized with a fine attack. Not much later, PSV got away with a corner kick from Alkmaar, which only just missed the post. PSV kept fighting and halfway through the first half the team took the lead again. Pieter van der Beek played himself free and shot the ball into the far corner to give his team a 1-2 lead. Just before half time AZ had the perfect opportunity to come alongside again, but a fantastic save by goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten ensured that PSV went into the break with a small lead.

    After the break AZ went in search of the equalizer. An Alkmaar attempt ended up just over the goal, and goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten had a good reflex to tap the ball onto the bar. Just after Sami Bouhoudane's goal was disallowed, Gino Verhulst decided the game. The striker caught a free kick that was deflected away and put it into the corner beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. Just before time, PSV also scored the 1-4, when Dichano Bulo kept the overview after a good ball from Raf Vullers. The young outfielder laid wide to Sami Bouhoudane, who only had to tap the ball into an empty goal.

    So PSV O13 manages to bring this difficult away match to a good result. Next week the team plays an exhibition match at NEC (12:00 hrs), after which Ajax will be the opponent on Saturday, February 14. The match at De Toekomst will then start at 13:00.

    Stijn Kuijsten; Yalen Meulendijks (35/Imran Yachou), Michael Bresser, Abdullah Hekmat (62/Boet Mulders), Rens Boon; Benjamin Khaderi, Isaï Middag, Pieter van der Beek (54/Raf Vullers); Joep Willems (35/Dichano Bulo), Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst