November 28, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today the difficult away match against Sparta Rotterdam U13 is on the program for PSV U13. Sparta is the front runner in the league so today will be a good test to see where the boys stand and how they can hold up in this match. The match is already being played at 10:00 am so for the staff, parents and players the alarm clock goes off early in the morning to travel to Rotterdam.

    Once the players have gathered around the center circle on the artificial turf pitch it is immediately clear what awaits us today, the difference in physicality is clearly visible, some Sparta players stand out head and shoulders above the rest. So at the start of the match it is clear that indeed the big boys will be playing in the shaft, so now for PSV a nice task to try to play around it and when they get the ball to physically stand their ground. The game is mainly played in midfield, where PSV plays reasonably well, but if they get the ball in front with a pass, a big boy always has the advantage with his speed because he has to make fewer passes. At the back, PSV is in good control and does not give anything away. As a result, both teams went to the dressing room with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

    The 2nd half starts the same as the 1st: Sparta tries to use the speed of the physical people in front, and PSV tries to play football, yet it is Sparta that manages to score after the striker missed twice on his own to the goalkeeper, but the third time he does get through, via some balls in front of the goal they can tap the ball in, 1-0, after the kick off it is immediately hit again, at an inattention at the back a player from Sparta knows to make good use of the space offered so within 1 minute 2-0. PSV continued to play well but there was no way through, and even the "smaller defenders" of Sparta certainly stood their ground. All in all, a game against a physically stronger opponent in which PSV went down fighting, but with little to gain from the physical violence, the future will show which way of training will yield the most return. Next week a home game against Roda JC. 11:00 at the Herdgang.