Sept. 28, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Robin van Duiven
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  2. Goal

    Eus Waayers
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  3. Goal

    Peter Quispel
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  4. Match report

    PSV wins convincingly over FC Twente

    At PSV Campus De Herdgang, PSV O14 played the league match against FC Twente. Thanks in part to a very strong first half, the team won convincingly.

    After only eight minutes, Robin van Duiven opened the scoring after a nice assist from Vermeulen. Eus Waayers snatched the ball from the goalkeeper moments later to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard. The final chord of the first half was for Van Duiven who hit a penalty shot.

    After half-time FC Twente did something back from a free kick, but it was Peter Quispel who with a nice solo set the final score at 4-1. Next week the topper against Feyenoord awaits PSV O14.

    Janssen; Jansen, Bos, Kuhn (54/El Bakali), Van de Riet; Quispel, Verkooijen (54/Gomez), Vermeulen (54/Etienne); Waayers (64/Oesterholt), Van Duiven (43/Bouhoudane), Bawuah (40/Verhulst)