August 28, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After last Wednesday's win against Gemert, the match against Zeeburgia was scheduled this morning. The opponent this time consists of peers where last year they were defeated against 1 year older. Not an opponent to be underestimated as several players from this club are now at Ajax. Zeeburgia started the match brightly and tried to put PSV under pressure. There are a few fast and sturdy boys among them, so in the early stages we have to be careful. After five minutes PSV starts to get into its game and starts to find the free man better and better. Zeeburgia has to pay for the opportunistic (according to spell check this is written correctly) opening phase a little later, when in the switch Greg is sent into the depths. He outran his opponent and found the well-run Joey, who scored the 1-0. PSV is starting to get the ball rolling and from behind a few nice attacks are set up with sometimes one hit. The 2-0 from Greg is no surprise. Moments later it is again Greg who tests the goalkeeper with a shot, but he is not in time for the corner, making it 3-0. PSV continues to combine well and Joey and Greg make it 4-0 and 5-0 before halftime. A few substitutions take place at halftime, but PSV continues where it left off. It takes a while in the second half when Koen's shot is cleared off the goal line, but then Joop is there in time to make the 6th. Zeeburgia tries to get out a few times, but these attempts are defused. Moments later a Zeeburgia player slips through the net, but Edson is there. PSV remained threatening and halfway through the second half Arne made it 7-0. Moments later it is Rico who shoots in the rebound of a corner kick and Joop who completes an attack making it 8-0 and 9-0.
    A few minutes before the final signal it is Mo who rushes the goalkeeper into possession and puts the double digits on the scoreboard. Just before the end, Zeeburgia saves the honor by scoring against making the final score 10-1. It is a generous victory, where some resistance was expected. You can see in this match that the boys are getting better at finding their feet again. For what it's worth we have to wait and see next week when MVV is on the program. They are a year older and then we will see what the balance is between the technical play and the likely physical superiority of the opponent.

    Report courtesy of Eric Zeegers