Feb. 28, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After a football-less weekend last week, and before that 3 draws in a row (the last one in the cup followed by elimination by penalties), it was time to take the full win again. Heerenveen would then have to fall victim to the Eindhoven drive.

    This team was no stranger to Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo's team. In the cup both teams met once before. PSV won then relatively easily with 2-4.

    Would PSV keep the three points Eindhoven today and send Heerenveen back to Friesland scoreless? And more importantly: keep the connection at the top of the Champions Pool?

    Before the game there were a lot of fireworks at De Herdgang. A large number of supporters wanted to support PSV 1 in the preparation for the topper against Ajax. Unfortunately, few/no supporters took the trouble to watch the youth teams. A missed opportunity? Would PSV o15 also show fireworks today? But on the field? ......

    The first feat was of Eindhoven's making. In the 8th minute, Bryan van Hove sent Joop Daniels away on the left. After a good action by Joop, striker Sem van den Broek picked up the ball and made a good run down the back line. Unfortunately there was no PSV player along to tap his cross in.

    A minute later, the ball was suddenly in the goal at the other end behind goalkeeper Kyan van Dorp. The quick right-winger was sent into the deep and scored the 0-1. PSV had to go for it. And got some opportunities. The biggest was in the 17th minute, when a quick attack from Joop Daniels' head hit the inside of the post.

    A minute later Joop played a beautiful pass to Yasin Aalillou who was free in front of the Heerenveen goalkeeper. But the latter narrowed his goal well and prevented the equalizer.

    Heerenveen lurked for a second goal and focused mainly on the fast right-winger. He was very dangerous again in the 20th minute when he ran straight at Kyan van Dorp. But fortunately Bryan van Hove was able to take the ball away with an extreme effort and a beautifully executed sliding tackle, thus containing further danger.

    After half an hour of play, PSV was dangerous again. A shot by Yasin Aalillou was narrowly turned away by the tall Frisian goalkeeper. Yet the Eindhoven team got reward for their work in the first half. Because in the final minute, Sem van den Broek put Joop Daniels free in front of the goal and he coolly rounded off and brought the 1-1 on the scoreboard. An excellent moment to score of course.

    Immediately in the 2nd half Heerenveen was dangerous. A free kick turned dangerously in and PSV could not clear the ball sufficiently. The ball got stuck in the 5-meter area, but fortunately it was kicked out of the mouth of the goal at the very last moment.

    Otherwise, there was little fireworks in the second half. Both teams got some chances. But they were not very big. Abou Kone threatened at the first post after a good free kick by substitute D-player Mohamed-Amine Ihattaren.

    There were also two shooting chances for Yasin Aalillou and Mohamed-Amine Ihattaren. But both shot in promising positions straight at the goalkeeper. Heerenveen also came through dangerously once, but also failed to find the net.

    Thus, PSV played equal again this weekend and loses expensive points. On the other hand, the team is still unbeaten in the champions' pool......

    A draw today was a result everyone could agree with. The game was too flat to have a winner. PSV currently lacks the freshness and frivolity in its game that it had before the winter break. Hopefully that will be back soon, because you notice that in this champions' league every game must be 100% given and demands the utmost from everyone. Freshness and frivolity can be the difference between winning and losing a draw.

    The o15 now have 3 away games on the schedule: AZ, VVV and Ajax. Perhaps then the turning point will be reached.

    Kyan van Dorp; Tijn Daverveld, Abou Kone, Koen Oostenbrink; Bryan van Hove (61' Joey Verhoeven); Evert Linthorst, Vince Colpaert (48' Gregory Kuisch), Arne Bens; Yasin Aalillou (c), Sem van den Broek (48' Mohamed-Amine Ihattaren), Joop Daniels.

    Yellow card: Evert Linthorst (rough play)