Feb. 27, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    On the main field of the Herdgang, in a lovely sunshine today the match PSV U13 - NEC U13. NEC is 2nd in the standings, and has achieved this with good and well-kept football, so a tough job today for PSV U13. From the start it is a match where there is very good football from both sides, perhaps the first half is the highest level PSV U13 has shown this season. But because both teams also have their defense in good shape, it remains a fascinating football battle from 16 meters to 16 meters with few real big chances. A remarkable fact in the first half is a hands ball in the 16 meter area of NEC, everyone noticed that the ball clearly hit the hand of a NEC player except the referee, so he did not give a penalty which should have been given. But as often this season the boys of PSV U13 are not really lucky.
    Also the second half the same picture, 2 well playing teams, few real big chances, when there are chances the goalkeepers stand their ground so it is a fascinating battle from 16 to 16 meters. Yet it is NEC that takes the 3 points to Nijmegen, in a fast break the outfielder of NEC manages to put the ball back from the back line, after which the ball is shot at goal. Kevin managed to save the ball, but in the rebound from about 25 meters Kevin had no answer either.
    So a game that did not really deserve a winner, but PSV U13 has shown a very high level of play and certainly played a very good game, and this can also be said of our guests from Nijmegen. But unfortunately luck was not with us today, next week we travel to the deep south to MVV and try to pick up points.