Oct. 26, 12:30 p.m.
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    Iggy Houben
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    Mylian Jimenez
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  4. Match report

    PSV O17 wins again

    After several weeks without a win, coach Adil Ramzi's team won another match. On the last beautiful late summer day of the year, PSV O17 beat FC Twente's peers 4-2.

    That the points were desperately needed was a fact. After all, a place in the first eight gives access to the championship pool after the winter break. What had not worked in recent weeks went smoothly today. From the start, PSV's players were on top. Within five minutes that resulted in a 1-0 lead. Iggy Houben made an action that characterizes him: from the right side into the penalty area and ruthlessly taking the lead.

    Almost out of nowhere, FC Twente equalized. A cross whirled, with the cooperation of the wind, straight into the goal behind goalkeeper Van Lare. A welcome surprise for the Twente players. After that goal nothing happened for a long time, apart from a dangerous header by Ilyas Bougafer, which was cleverly saved by the FC Twente goalkeeper. Just before halftime, it was an individual action by Mylian Jiminez that gave PSV the hoped-for lead. After a smooth action he entered the sixteen and shot hard: 2-1.

    In the ten minutes after halftime, PSV increased its lead by two goals. Twice it was Ilyas Bougafer who scored the goal. Both times the Twente players' defensive line did not look good and Bougafer coolly managed to find the goal. Within the hour, PSV led by a comfortable 4-1 lead. The second half passed without really noteworthy events, unless you take into account the remarkable decision of the otherwise fine referee Kraan to punish a kicking FC Twente player only with a yellow card. With one minute of official playing time left, FC Twente came back to 4-2, following a goal from a corner kick.

    So for the first time since September 14, PSV O17 knows what winning is again, a relatively easy and deserved victory over FC Twente. It is up to the boys to maintain this line. Starting next Tuesday, Oct. 29, with a cup game in Rotterdam against Feyenoord. Saturday, November 2, AZ awaits at De Herdgang at 2 pm. Again an important match given the position on the league table and the placement for the champions pool.

    Formation PSV
    Aron van Lare; D'Leanu Arts (70/Dylan Hopman), Jenson Seelt, Fedde Leysen (70/Jesse Giebels), Nawaaz Landfeld; Livano Comenencia, Mylian Jiminez, Mo Nassoh (58/Naïm Matoug); Iggy Houben, Milan van de Riet, Ilyas Bougafer (58/Ibrahim Berete).