Oct. 26, 1 p.m.
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    PSV O14 squanders victory in closing stages

    Ajax O14 was a guest at De Herdgang on Saturday for the league match against PSV's peers. It turned out to be an exciting match, PSV was the superior side for most of the match, but two mistakes in the last line ensured that the Amsterdammers could get on the bus with the three points.

    In the first ten minutes of the match, both teams were not inferior to each other, both teams showed that they were going for the points. After about ten minutes PSV got a slight advantage, but no real big chances were created. The biggest chance might have been for Ajax, a ball from the side of the goal was only just tapped over by PSV goalkeeper Niek Janssen. A shot from Floris Bos went a meter wide. In the 27th minute, Jayden Ettiene applied good pressure, causing the Ajax goalkeeper to get into trouble and shoot the ball against Jayden. This caused the ball to roll over the goal line and PSV had the deserved lead. Otherwise, there was not much danger in front of either goal. PSV continued to play good football, but it yielded another second goal.

    In the beginning of the second half basically the same picture. PSV remained the better team. Too bad that Brian van de Boogaard's header after a good cross from Raf van de Riet did not go in, but just wide. That would have given PSV some more space to calmly play out the match. But after about twenty minutes, you could see that PSV's midfield was getting tired. As a result, the spaces became bigger in midfield and within one minute, Ajax managed to score twice. These are mistakes at the back of PSV that should not be made. Now, despite the fatigue, PSV will have to go full throttle again. The game is going up and down at a high pace. PSV does everything they can, and goes all the way to the goal. But no more goals are scored. This makes it a sour defeat, we could have done more today.

    Two league games played now against Ajax, twice the superior side, but zero points. Ajax handles chances better than PSV in both games. But again played a wonderful match with lots of resistance, good football, and certainly lots of work ethic. Then it can be sour that the result is not there. But if everyone continues like this, the results will come again.

    Next week another difficult game AZ away.

    Composition PSV:
    Janssen; Jansen, Van de Boogaard, Kuhn, Van de Riet; Vermeulen (44/Quispel), Bos (54/Gomez), Verkooijen (54/Van Duiven); Waayers, Bouhoudane, Etienne (53/Bawuah).