Oct. 26, 10:00 a.m.
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  1. Match report

    Unfortunate defeat for PSV O13

    At PSV's own Campus De Herdgang, PSV O13 suffered an unnecessary and unfortunate defeat. The team played better than opponent Ajax and created plenty of chances, but failed to capitalize on them.

    Already within three minutes PSV was facing an arrears. At an Amsterdam corner, PSV's organization was not right, after which an Ajax player was free to shoot in. After this weak opening phase, the team recovered and slowly got into the game. Chances soon followed, but Rodin Oesterholt, Isaï Middag and Jari Horsten failed to capitalize on a number of great opportunities. On the other side, Ajax became dangerous one more time with a game-winning goal, but it was shot against the post by an Ajax player. Thus both teams went to tea with a score of 0-1.

    In the second half, PSV continued where it left off: creating chances. Thus Isaï Middag, Raf Vullers, Joep Willems and Dichano Bulo were very close to the equalizer, but all found the Ajax goalkeeper in their way. The Amsterdammers could not get under the pressure of PSV, but the deserved equalizer did not come. Just before time it seemed to come, but again it was the Ajax goalkeeper who defused a great header by Joep Willems. After seventy minutes, the final score was 0-1. Despite a number of great chances, PSV O13 failed to get a result that would have been deserved.

    Next Saturday the team will play an away game against FC Groningen, the match in the far north will start at 11:30 am.

    Stijn Kuijsten; Yalen Meulendijks (48/Imran Yachou), Michael Bresser, Steyn Mussche, Rens Boon (55/Abdullah Hekmat); Benjamin Khaderi, Jari Horsten (35/Joep Willems), Boet Mulders (35/Pieter van der Beek); Dichano Bulo, Isaï Middag, Rodin Oesterholt (48/Raf Vullers).