Sept. 26, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today Brabant United was our guest at the Herdgang. We knew from previous years that this was going to be a difficult opponent, physically quite strong and always playing with a lot of commitment.
    From minute 1 it was Brabant United that did not give PSV the opportunity to play football, they put full pressure on every ball and wanted every ball as fast as possible, from there they looked for the attack as fast as possible to get a quick lead. This was already the case in the 2nd minute when a cross was headed in at the first post, 0-1. PSV was facing an immediate deficit and would have to go along with the battle that was asked in this match. Slowly PSV got better and better into their game, also by working very hard. There were also some chances for PSV, such as Dylan who had a free pass, but tried it from too far away, a header on the crossbar, Ruben who tried to shoot the ball into the short corner, or Mylian's free kick which the goalkeeper managed to stop well. So the chances were there and the game got better and better, but Brabant United also had a few good breaks. In the 25th minute the deserved equalizer came, the goalkeeper of Brabant United did not handle a shot well, the ball came to Mylian's feet, who saw that the goalkeeper was too far in front of his goal, and when you have the kicking technique of Mylian it is a piece of cake to put the ball over the goalkeeper, 1-1. This was the score at halftime.
    In the second half PSV again had the better of the game, although they had to watch out for dangerous attacks by Brabant United. The game was good at times, there were some chances, but the ball just wouldn't go in. There was no lack of effort today, we fought for every ball, but a bit more luck might have paid off. But all in all I think the players can be satisfied with the result, they show that they are making steps in their development every week, so the results will come. Next Tuesday the catch-up game against NAC at home on the Herdgang and Saturday the tricky away game at Excelsior, see if the good development of the players continues.