Aug. 25, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After a pretty intense first week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday training, followed by a full weekend ( Saturday and Sunday ) tournament, now came week two, in which the pro week took place.
    Monday and Tuesday had already passed ( with training ) and now today Wednesday there was a game against the D1 of Venray. Venray, a sympathetic team that was looking forward to an afternoon of PSV.
    My first thoughts were -during the warm-up- that the boys looked a bit tired, but, as I mentioned, those were my first thoughts. And nothing was further from the truth. Venray was facing a deficit after only two minutes, distance shot Cody hit the post, the rebound was for a well-followed Justin who popped in dry. 1-0. We were off.
    Coach Bastiaan had put his men on "very" alert, lots of one-timer football, cleverly executed actions which were all efficient and useful. The small mistakes ( if there were any) were followed up very quickly by the equally sharp coaching staff, and corrected.
    The chances were uncountable, the goals on the other hand were. One! There were still a little too many missed chances, but for the rest things went well. The second goal was a copy of the first, bang by Cody on the goalkeeper, but now it was Robin who scored. 2-0.
    Venray was not left alone, and from the moment the goalkeeper kicked out immediate pressure was put forward, the visiting boys did not know from where all that violence came, let alone from where they deserved it. PSV, on the other hand, just roared on. The halftime score 7-0 was not even an exaggeration. Goals by Cody (2), Amar (2)and Jordan were all beauties.
    During the break I noticed the calm coach of the opposing team who asked his boys questions and waited for solutions from them, they didn't come, so the visiting coach gave them himself, again in a very calm way, so that's how it had to be. At the other dugout things went on in exactly the same way.
    After halftime, the gas was released slightly and the visitors were able to catch their breath for a while. That resulted in a modest shot by Venray .
    But then the turbo of one Amar kicked in again, up to the goal line, great cross to Robin, but his shot was blocked. A little later the 8-0 was on the board. Nice lob from Jordan over the goalkeeper.
    10th minute, solo from Justin, past three defenders, feint just in front of the goalkeeper, and he was able to run the ball in. 9-0.
    Cody and Amar start to find each other well, and that resulted in goal number 10. Rush Cody, cross to Amar and in. 10-0. Husseyin scored number 11 with also a nice personal action.
    With so much attacking violence from the attackers, the defenders actually experienced a quiet, say more of a controlling role today. On a single ball loss, the visitors took full advantage by popping high into the roof of the goal.
    11-1 was the final score.
    Good match by our boys who played sharp and at times brought eye-catching football. It was enjoyable for the supporters.

    Report courtesy of Joel Lekens