Oct. 24, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    PSV played Saturday's home game against bottom-placed Excelsior, who were outclassed by double digits at home earlier in the season. With the danger of overestimation lurking and Feyenoord breathing down their necks, the team started the match, coached by trainers Kevin and Adil in the absence of coach Kris. In many ways, the match resembled the last home game against Sparta, in which PSV also had a mediocre 1st half followed by a good 2nd. The characteristic difference was that PSV converted the created chances into goals, although the score could and should have been as high as in the away game.

    Although PSV started well -in the 5th minute Tijn with a fine pass through the center put Davy 1 on 1 in front of the goalkeeper, but his intended marker ended up in the goalkeeper's hands, and a little later a dangerous free kick by Yasin was headed wide- they also got away well in the early stages when Gregory in the penalty area clearly seemed to bring down his opponent, but the referee -also after the match- pointed out that the defender certainly did not commit a foul and thus there could be no question of a penalty. PSV had less grip on Excelsior in the first half than in the away match partly because the Rotterdammers had a number of other players at their disposal who were not there then and were better in the duels. Although the game did not seem to be heading for a simple walk-over again, PSV managed to distance themselves from the guests before half-time. After Davy hit the post in the 28th minute, he managed to shoot the 1-0 a few minutes later after a fine pass from Tijn. In the injury time of the first half Sem finished off a good preparatory action on the left by Yasin with a nick at the 2nd post, after a player of Excelsior almost put it in his own goal.

    After the break, Koen, plagued for months by injury, returned to the team in a match for real, and whether it had to do with the substitution or not, PSV clearly took the distance from Excelsior in a much better second half, which eventually limited the damage to 5 goals, although the score could have been much higher. Yasin took the 3-0 in the 46th minute when he was sent deep on the left by Abou and was allowed to dribble into the 16 in front of the goal, after which he could easily slide in. Fifteen minutes later Yasin was also involved in the 4-0 with an assist, when he allowed Sekou to score his weekly goal with a cross. The best goal, however, was saved for last and came to Davy, who made his 2nd of the afternoon. In the 75th minute, Abou sent Bryan down the left side of the pitch with a nice cross to the back line, and Davy's fine cross was deflected in with a half-take.

    In the end a good win, and because Feyenoord lost points at home by a 3-3 draw against Brabant United, the O16 is on top of the league table with 2 points more and 1 match less played than Feyenoord. PSV plays next week in the cup competition an away match against the O17 of VVV/Helmond Sport, at 14:30 in the Lavans Stadium in Helmond.

    Finally, get well for Joop who, as a precaution, was kept on the sidelines for the entire match due to an unexplained rash on his face, probably an allergic reaction to a misshapen sandwich the day before the match.

    '31 1-0 Davy van den Berg
    '40 2-0 Sem van den Broek
    '46 3-0 Yasin Aallilou
    '61 4-0 Sekou Sidibe
    '74 5-0 Davy van den Berg

    Lucas Derks; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld © - Abou Kone - Gregory Kuisch ('67 Bryan van Hove); Evert Linthorst ('60 Arne Bens) - Vince Colpaert ('41 Koen Oostenbrink) - Davy van den Berg; Sekou Sidibe - Sem van den Broek - Yasin Aallilou.

    On the bench not substituted: Kyan van Dorp, Joop Daniëls.