Sept. 24, 5 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  2. Penalties: 4-5

  3. Match report

    PSV O13 makes it hard on themselves, but wins

    On a wet Tuesday night, PSV O13 qualified for the second round of the cup. The team prevailed against FC Utrecht, but ultimately needed penalty kicks to secure victory.

    From the kickoff, the intentions of both teams were clear: Utrecht retreated to their own half and let PSV make the play. The Eindhoven players piled up chance after chance and also saw three goals disallowed. On the other hand, FC Utrecht's first opportunity was a direct hit, goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten letting himself be surprised by a distance shot. PSV continued to dominate, but still went into halftime behind.

    Nothing changed after tea either: PSV remained the better side, had a lot of ball possession and now also quickly reached 1-1. substitute Dichano Bulo was hooked in the box and Sami Bouhoudane netted the penalty. The Eindhoven players went in search of victory and saw a goal by Dichano Bulo disallowed for offside, but no more goals were scored.

    In the ensuing penalty series, PSV showed more coolness than FC Utrecht. Where the Eindhoven players scored all the penalties, FC Utrecht missed one. Based on the game played, PSV O13 deserved a victory, but the team could blame themselves that this match was not decided earlier.

    Saturday, Hidde van Boven's team will play a home game, when at 11:00 a.m. FC Twente will be guests at PSV Campus De Herdgang.

    Setup: Stijn Kuijsten; Imran Yachou (35/Yalen Meulendijks), Michael Bresser, Steyn Mussche, Rens Boon (57/Abdullah Hekmat); Pieter van de Beek (35/Benjamin Khaderi), Isaï Middag, Boet Mulders (57/Jari Horsten); Joep Willems (35/Dichano Bulo), Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst (52/ Raf Vullers).