Nov. 23, 12:45
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  1. Goal

    Chahid el Allachi
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  2. Goal

    Lars Putters
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  3. Goal

    Jaivy Lourens
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  4. Goal

    Ruben van Bommel
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  5. Match report

    PSV tanks self-confidence

    PSV O16 did fine business in and against Dordrecht on Saturday. In a copy of the home game that ended in a big 7-0 victory, the counter was again 7 for and 0 against. The team thus gained the necessary self-confidence for the upcoming matches in which the qualification for the champions league will be decided in thesecond half of the competition.

    PSV did not let themselves fall prey to the danger of underestimating FC Dordrecht by the monster score in the home match on Saturday. The motto was to stay calm, be patient and trust in their own qualities, just like in that match. And that worked out well, PSV did not get into trouble defensively and created more than a handful of good chances. At halftime a comfortable 0-3 was already on the scoreboard, which in the second half was expanded to a fine 0-7 without excessive effort.

    In the 17th minute, Chahid opened the scoring from a free kick that he curled into the roof of the Dordrecht goal with some help from the wall. Fifteen minutes later, left striker Tyron was floored in the penalty area. Specialist Ruben shot the awarded penalty impeccably into the ropes, 0-2. A few minutes before half time Chahid shot hissecond of the afternoon at the second post after a good preparation by Tyron. Half-time score 0-3.

    Ten minutes after halftime, Chahid made his third and finest of the afternoon. A poorly defended ball came to his feet and without hesitation he suddenly lobbed it from distance over the outrun keeper, who could only watch it; 0-4. After the referee disallowed a Tyron goal for offside in the 42ndminute , Chahid got it one more time. With a good action, he delivered the ball in the penalty area to Lars, who took a good touch and lashed out immediately, 0-5. Ten minutes later Ruben skillfully decorated hissecond penalty. With precision he placed the ball on the hand of a Dordrecht defender, after which he scored his second of the afternoon. Finally, in the 73rd minute, Jaivy made it 0-7 with a fine volley after an assist from Ruben.
    A fine victory for the O16. PSV isthird in the rankings and plays Saturday against FC Twente (15:00), the number 4 in the standings with only one point less. A place among the top four teams to promote to the Champions League is therefore at stake, and given the bizarre 4-4 draw earlier this season at De Herdgang, an entertaining match is to be expected.

    Niek Schiks; Koen Jansen, Luc Netten (54/Matteo Dams), Yaël Gil y Muinos, Julian Kuijpers; Lars Putters, Chahid el Allachi © (62/Sven Simons), Jamal Gonzaga (52/Tijmen); Ruben van Bommel, Schi-jon Martina, Tyron Perret Gentil (64/Jaivy Lourens).