Sept. 21, 2 p.m.
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  1. Match report

    First loss PSVO17

    PSV under 17 has suffered its first defeat of the season. On a beautiful late summer day, FC Utrecht was too strong with 0-2.

    For a long time the 0-0 remained on the scoreboard and both sides managed to create little. Apart from some small chances both goalkeepers were not busy. FC Utrecht appeared to take a 0-1 lead in the 33rd minute, but the goal was disallowed by the referee due to offside. The rest of the first half, in which captain Jiminez was injured after 35 minutes, could be described as sloppy.

    Little initially changed in the second half. While PSV had more ball possession, this did not result in real chances. Utrecht was able to test goalkeeper Van Lare with some plate shots, but that did not result in much. Until in minute 85 referee Weeda put the ball on the spot, after a foul by Jesse Giebels. Aron van Lare had no answer to that effort.

    While PSV went in search of the equalizer, another goal fell for FC Utrecht. Mohamed Akharaz saw goalkeeper Van Lare standing far in front of his goal and went for his chance. From 60 meters he managed to get the ball into PSV's goal and thus set the final score: 0-2.

    A learning afternoon for PSV Under 17. Whereas scoring goals has not been a problem in the past few games, it didn't work today. Next Saturday the boys can take revenge against NEC. Kickoff this time at 12.00 hrs, at Campus de Herdgang.

    Composition PSV
    Aron van Lare; Livano Comenencia, D'Leanu Arts, Fedde Leysen, Nawaaz Landfeld (62/Yael Gil y Muinos); Mylian Jiminez (35/Jesse Giebels), Mohamed Nassoh, Johan Bakayoko; Iggy Houben (46/Naïm Matoug), Milan van de Riet, Ilyas Bougafer (57/Ibrahima Berete).