Sept. 21, 10:30 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Isaï Middag
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  2. Goal

    Steyn Mussche
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  3. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 strikes out against AZ

    After the monster victory over FC Groningen, PSV O13 achieved another big win. The team gave a lot of gas in the first half against AZ and eventually recorded a convincing 1-6 victory.

    Still, the morning began awkwardly for the young Eindhoveners. The team struggled with AZ's play and found itself behind after five minutes through a penalty kick that was taken. Yet PSV got things back on track with lightning speed. Almost immediately from the kickoff Isaï Middag was attentive to slide in the 1-1 draw, and two minutes later Steyn Mussche fired a penalty into the ropes. PSV O13 did not back down and in the first half the score was 1-6: Sami Bouhoudane scored twice and Isaï Middag completed his hat-trick.

    In the second half, AZ bit off a bit more. The team was fiercer in the duels, but failed to create any real chances. PSV did create chances, with Sami Bouhoudane (2x) and Dichano Bulo going close. At the other end, Stijn Kuijsten was able to turn away a chance for AZ, resulting in no more goals in the second half.

    An excellent victory for PSV O13, which responded to an early deficit. Tuesday Hidde van Boven's team plays for the cup in and against Utrecht (kick-off 17:00 hrs), Saturday at 11:00 hrs FC Twente is the guest at PSV Campus De Herdgang.

    Setup: Stijn Kuijsten; Yalen Meulendijks (35/Imran Yachou), Michael Bresser (46/Jari Horsten), Steyn Mussche, Rens Boon (35/Abdullah Hekmat); Benjamin Khaderi, Isaï Middag (58/Gino Verhulst), Boet Mulders (35/Pieter van der Beek); Joep Willems (35/Dichano Bulo), Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst (46/Raf Vullers)