Aug. 21, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    With an almost unchanged selection, the season started this week for the D3. Pepijn has moved on to the D2 and Edson (new goalkeeper) and Mo(hamed) are the new additions. There is a new, but not unfamiliar trainer for the boys in the person of Colin with assistance from Job.
    The first game is immediately a topper against Feijenoord who have been in training for three weeks. Here too there were familiar faces to greet. The match was played in three 20-minute matches. After a hesitant start, PSV got into the game after 5 minutes and showed good combinations. From the back of the net they looked for and found the free man, which led to the first chance of the match for Greg, but a Feyenoord player was able to keep him from scoring with a fine intervention. Once or twice PSV appeared threatening in front of the goal, but the final pass or killer instinct was missing. After fifteen minutes Feijenoord got a corner kick, but when defending the ball ended up in front of a Feijenoord player who shot. This effort could be deflected, but the rebound was shot high 0-1. A little against proportion. In the last five minutes no more exciting things happen, after which the first game ends with a 0-1 deficit, but with not undeserving play.
    In the second part we see a brighter Feijenoord. Especially after Feijenoord gets to 2-0 through a quick conversion. Most of the duels are won by Feijenoord, giving them control of the game. They are just a bit brighter and sharper and find each other easier in the combination. PSV found it hard to find the free man in this phase and were under pressure. A nice long-distance shot then makes it 0-3 in favor of Feijenoord.
    In the third half, the same picture of the second half continued. Feijenoord continued to dominate and conditionally they were a bit ahead in this phase. But then again, they have already had three weeks of training and probably several matches. It ended up being 0-4 for what it is worth.

    Report with thanks to Eric Zeegers