Feb. 20, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today Excelsior Rotterdam is the opponent of PSV U13, against Excelsior PSV can show that they can play good football, because Excelsior has no physical players who can make a big difference at this age. PSV's players show that they have more qualities than the guys from Rotterdam, but because the Rotterdammers play well organized it is very difficult for PSV to get through. So combining up to the 16 meters goes very nicely but PSV does not get much further. Either through wrong choices or sloppy ball loss in the last phase of the attack, they don't get to the Excelsior goal. Yet it is PSV that takes the lead in the 7th minute, Jesse kicks the ball 10 meters over the halfway line, or at the goal???? And to everyone's surprise this ball falls over the goalkeeper into the goal, 1-0
    There is not much going on in front of the goal in the first half, with PSV playing well and Excelsior well organized.

    The second half is basically the same as the first half. Although now Excelsior comes out a bit more and looks for the equalizer every now and then. Then in the 47th minute it is the referee who makes a mistake, after the ball is played forward by Excelsior it is not offside, but the following short pass the receiving player of Excelsior is offside, the linesman also flags at this moment, but at this moment so much is happening in the 16 meters that the referee completely misses it. Then a player of PSV makes a foul which should have been a penalty, but now the referee lets play on, but then he still gives a penalty to excelsior because a player would have got a ball against his arm. So now the first foul would be offside, but now the referee ignores the linesman and Excelsior scores the penalty 1-1. And so you see again that if you fail to score yourself the opponent always has a chance to score. In the last minutes both teams go for the victory but no real chances are created.