Oct. 19, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Floris Bos
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  2. Match report

    Draw in Rotterdam

    Last week, PSV was the better team but failed to win.Today, PSV was the lesser team, but with a lot of luck and work ethic, PSV O14 still managed to take one point back to Eindhoven.

    PSV, despite having a lesser day, still managed to take the lead. In the 11th minute, it was Raf van de Riet who got the ball well at the far post from a free kick. Floris Bos was the first to react out of everyone on the pitch and managed to slide the ball in. Sparta did not let a counter goal get them down. It was PSV goalkeeper Niek Janssen who saved in a one-on-one situation. Sparta hit the bar in the first half and PSV had a good chance from a free kick, but neither team scored before half time.

    At halftime a plan was made in the locker room to take the game more to themselves. But three minutes after halftime Sparta was able to score because of big mistakes at the back of PSV. PSV was allowed to take a free kick on their own half and through all kinds of wrong choices the ball was against the net within ten seconds: 1-1. PSV continues to work very hard, but Sparta remains on top. Sparta even managed to hit the bar twice, but the ball would not go in. With some luck, PSV could have scored from a quick breakthrough. But that would not have been deserved and did not happen. And if it had happened, no one in Eindhoven would mourn it. So the final score was 1-1 and PSV could speak of a windfall.

    Next week a home game for PSV O14, Ajax will visit, and the players will have to play differently from Saturday.

    Setup PSV:
    Janssen, Jansen, Bos, Kuhn, Van de Riet; Quispel (50/El Bakalli), Vermeulen (23/Gomez), Verkooijen: Oesterholt (42/Bawaah), Waayers, Ettiene (54/Van Duiven)