Oct. 19, 11:00 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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    Dichano Bulo
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  3. Goal

    Boet Mulders
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 also wins over Sparta

    In its seventh league game of the season, PSV O13 managed to record its sixth win. The Eindhoveners managed to beat Rotterdam-based Sparta 6-1. Although the result suggests otherwise, the team played one of its least games this season.

    PSV started the match well and had a great chance for the opening goal after only five minutes. Dichano Bulo was played the ball in deep and tried to outsmart the Sparta goalkeeper with a crafty curve ball. However, the goalkeeper realized this and easily caught the ball. Moments later the right-winger was successful, when a deep pass from Isaï Middag was not handled by the Rotterdam defense. Again Dichano Bulo found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper and this time the fast striker was able to pass him. Not much later the 2-0 was also on the board, when Sami Bouhoudane appreciated a pass from Benjamin Khaderi. The striker evaded a tackle and finally shot in. Midway through the first half, Sami Bouhoudane also scored the 3-0, controlling a dropped ball and shooting in beautifully. Despite the large lead, PSV's play was nothing to write home about. The team played very restless and suffered a lot of unnecessary ball loss, allowing Sparta to become a regular threat. Yet PSV managed to decide the game before half time: Rens Boon went on strongly on the left and passed the ball to Boet Mulders. While falling, the midfielder shot the ball into the crossbar. In the last minute of the first half, Sami Bouhoudane completed his hat-trick by shaking off his opponent and calmly sliding the ball in. Thus both teams went to tea with a score of 5-0.

    In the second half, PSV had a lot of trouble with Sparta's play. The team could not keep the ball in the team, lost many duels and could not really be dangerous at first. A goal against was the logical result, when a Spartan shot the ball over goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten from a great distance. Not much later Sparta even had an opportunity to make it 5-2, when the Rotterdam striker headed the ball over from five meters in front of the goal line. After this difficult phase, PSV gained control of the game and managed to score 6-1. A kick from goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten landed at the feet of Sami Bouhoudane. The psv U21 player won his duel, after which he beat the Sparta goalkeeper with a lob. As PSV failed to capitalize on several chances in the closing stages and Sparta also failed to create any more danger, the match ended 6-1.

    So despite the fact that PSV O13 played a tough game, the team once again managed to score many goals and finish the match winningly.

    Next week, Hidde van Boven's team plays the topper, when Ajax visits Eindhoven. The match at PSV Campus De Herdgang will then start at 10:00 am.

    Stijn Kuijsten (58/Oliver Kruger); Yalen Meulendijks (35/Imran Yachou), Steyn Mussche (35/Pieter van der Beek), Abdullah Hekmat, Rens Boon (58/Steyn Mussche); Benjamin Khaderi (43/Michael Bresser), Isaï Middag, Boet Mulders (43/Jari Horsten); Dichano Bulo, Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst (35/Raf Vullers)